NEW DLC – Gravehide Warbeast Foe Card

Just yesterday we unveiled a new lore story about the monstrous siege creature the Gravehide Warbeast–the first piece of new Foe DLC unlocked through our new Kickstarter.

You can read the story right here, and check out the Kickstarter, which just passed $34,000 (and unlocked even more Foe DLC), right here!

Today we’re sharing the Foe Card, and it’s a doozy. We should warn you: EMBERWIND Foes come in four Ranks of ascending power: Grunts, Awakened, Elites and Bosses.

The Gravehide Warbeast is the first-ever Boss Rank Foe we’ve released, and it’s by far the toughest monster we’ve sent your way, so tread lightly.

If you’d like to practice your combat tactics against some easier monsters first, we recommend checking out our free DLC roundups on DriveThru RPG and the EMBERWIND store for more Foe Cards.

Once you’re ready, here’s the Foe Card for the monstrosity that is the Gravehide Warbeast.