NEW DLC – Hydrosnail DLC

Behold the mighty Hydrosnail!”

We’ve just unveiled some new Foe Card DLC. It is no understatement to call this our most dire and dangerous adversary to date. This is VERY SUPER SERIOUS STUFF!

The legend of the Hydrosnail has spread far and wide. Inspired by Ryan Green (@HydroSnail), co-host of Geek and Sundry’s Loremasters series, the Hydrosnail is a Foe that we tried to craft in a manner as serious, formidable, and cerebral as its namesake.

You’ll see what we mean when you read “The Legend of the Hydrosnail,” a new epic lore archive entry by John Helfers.

Ryan hosted our founder and lead designer, Derek Chung, on Loremasters in May of this year and was very influential in helping get EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia off the ground.

He’s also been a big supporter of the Kickstarter! We’re grateful to have him cheering us on!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us raise over $46,000 on Kickstarter over the past month. We’re excited to blow out the final three days of the Kickstarter with your help!