NEW DLC – Rootbloom, Sporeguard Seedling and Molderthrall Foe Cards

We’re thrilled to unveil three new Foes for you to meet in battle!

We just released a new Lore Archive short story from the Bestiary Series about the ill-fated Captain Ulyss R. Potrich and his disastrous expedition to capture the dreaded Rootbloom, and now you can face off against the dreaded creature in Combat, as well as take on two new related Foes: the Sporeguard Seedling and Molderthrall.

The Rootbloom is another Foe at the Elite Rank, and we’d love to hear about your experiences going toe-to-toe with it. We recommend setting up a Combat Encounter with four Tier 2 Heroes (for example, the pre-generated Heroes for the Skies of Axia campaign) against one Rootbloom, two Molderthralls, and six Sporeguard Seedlings.

Download the Foe Cards below.

Let us know in the EMBERWIND forums or on the /r/EMBERWIND subreddit how your party fares against these fearsome Foes!