NEW DLC – Stein Lord DLC

“The Stein Lord feels nothing, loves nothing, fears nothing. Where he goes, a dark cloud follows.”

We’ve just unveiled a new Foe Card DLC! Created by Jason Anarchy, the Stein Lord is the newest Elite rank Foe to join the Bestiary. This construct looks small, but don’t let its size deceive you. The Stein Lord’s Basic Action, Bottoms Up! heals it based on damage dealt. It can also dish out plenty of punishment in the form of status effects such as Off-Guard, Daze, and Chill.

You can learn the legend of the Stein Lord in our newest Bestiary Series piece: The Stein Lord. Keep an eye out over the next few days for more about this new, deadly Foe. But take care, lest the icy curse of the Stein Lord fall upon you!


Jason Anarchy is the designer behind smash-hit Kickstarter Games like Drinking Quest, Pretending to Grown Up, Haiku Warrior, and Newfoundland Jam.