NEWS UPDATE – 200 Follower Sale!

We’re reached 200 followers on Instagram and we’re having a sale to celebrate! For one week only, all of our posters will be available for 25% off in our web store.


If that weren’t enough, we’re also offering our brand-new Atlanta Gold dice at a $5 discount during the sale, too! These shiny new dice are made of the same material as our Nomnivore Blue set, but they’re a bit more subtle in their color scheme. If you’ve been looking to pick up a set of gaming dice, these would be a great addition to your collection!


We’ll be holding other sales and events as our follower base grows. We have another something special in mind once we hit 500 followers, so please follow us if you haven’t and ask your friends to follow us too! You can find us on Instagram @NomnivoreGames!