NEWS UPDATE – A Comedy of Terrors

It’s that time of year again. Time for pies, apple cider, and great autumn bites.

Time for costumes and trick-or-treating on a cool autumn night.

Time for ghouls, ghosts, and goblins and their ghastly delights.

It’s time to reveal a new Nomnisaur fright!


A chill wind blew in on an October day

when Gabu and Chompsky and Nugget did play.

An evening they planned for their Nomnisaur friends

with games and great food and a party at the end.


The group had assembled and soon they’d begun

a series of games while they still had the sun.

The sun met the horizon as they started to feast,

not knowing another approached from the east.


They sat by the fire making marshmallow treats

while Steakspeare’s ghost stories had them gripping their seats.

But all of a sudden a roar pierced the night

and a green, scaly creature burst in to their sight!


The Nomnisaurs scattered, and not at a stroll,

for there was Nomzilla to nom them all whole!


They ran and they ran dodging rock, hill, and tree

‘til they noticed the creature cackling with glee.

Now Meatball, the bravest of the Nomnisaur bunch

crept back to see what almost ate them for lunch.


As our Nomnisaur hero approached back in stealth

he saw the new creature helping itself

to all of the candy the group left behind

and all of the morsels it happened to find.


But up close the creature was hardly that scary

as in its arms a blue bucket it carried.

Meatball chuckled a bit as he studied the “beast”

for he saw ‘twas  a friend who was late for the feast.


The devious Nom who gave them such terror

had gone trick-or-treating but early, in error.

And so he’d come back with the setting sun

and decided he’d have a good bit of fun

to play a small prank on those there that night

for, of course, what’s a party without a small fright?


The group all returned, all rushing with haste

as through the woods their path they retraced.

They laughed with their friend at the Halloween joke

and the light-hearted fear it most certainly envoked.


The friends all recounted their tale of the thrill

As they sat by the fire ignoring the night’s chill.

The party continued ‘til it came time to leave

though all would remember that All Hallow’s Eve.


So if you go trick-or-treating keep an eye out for sure

for a devious Nom you might happen to lure.

Now, Nomzilla’s a friend and I promise it’s true

but if you have treats, he might come for you!


Happy Halloween from Nomnivore Games!




This week’s Nomnisaur story was written by Lance Turturice, the social media coordinator of EMBERWIND and Nomnivore Games. Lance is the voice behind our social media presences and is also a singer with the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale.