NEWS UPDATE – A New Face Sails into Port!

It looks like the Nomnisaurs have a new recruit!

A few days ago, a new ship sailed into town and it smelled delicious! Being the hungry crew they are, the Nomnisaurs set out to investigate and found a hoard of plundered snacks! The Nomnisaur gang tried to grab a few and dash, but on the way out they were caught by the ship’s captain, the Pirate Arrrtichoke! Luckily for them, this particular pirate was in search of friends to join his crew. So naturally, the gang invited Arrrtichoke to join the team in exchange for helping with this swashbuckling smorgasbord!

The gang is ready to set off on a new adventure, sailing the wild waters of Lake Erie and beyond! We can’t wait to see what lies in store as they sail under the Drumstick Flag!