NEWS UPDATE: An Undercooked Adventure

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a performance. A warm breeze blew across the hillside, the smell of freshly cooked snacks filling the air around the troupe’s stage. Backstage, a trio of Nomnisaurs worked on the few finishing touches of the day’s show. They ran a few warmups and slipped into their costumes. Just as the crowd began to get restless, their leader gave a nod. It was time for the show.
The first of the group, Al, stepped out on the stage, lute in hand and feather in cap. A hush descended over the boisterous crowd as Al began to plunk out the first few notes of the song. As the last notes faded out, the crowd burst into applause and cheers. Their cheering only got louder as a second Nomnisaur, Dente, took the stage dressed in a veil and a trove of sparkly accessories. With Al’s backing music, Dente danced the famous Tarantagliatella, twirling across the stage with forks in hand. The pair finished their set with their signature song, Nombo Nomnisaurio and it was time for the final member to take the stage.


The last Nomnisaur walked out onto the stage wearing a long brown wig and clutching a quill and stack of papers. The troupe’s playwright was ready to share his latest story, but as he bowed and began the tale, a loud pop filled the air and the Nomnisaur vanished in a puff of smoke and sparks. The crowd, knowing none the wiser, rose and gave the troup a standing ovation. Al and Dente, on the other hand, gave each other a worried look. This was not part of the act. They raced backstage looking for their companion, but the dressing room was empty. If he wasn’t here, then where was their friend? Where was Steakspeare?

Being the restless and curious creatures they were, Al and Dente decided the best thing to do was to leave immediately on a mission to search for their missing friend. They grabbed a few supplies for the road and dashed out the door, not even bothering to take off their costumes. They searched every inch of their village, with no luck. They looked in every restaurant, cafeteria, and snack bar, but Steakspeare was nowhere to be found.

The pair soon realized that they would have to leave their home if they wanted to find their missing friend. They hopped on the first boat they could find and left to travel the world in search of Steakspeare. Several weeks later, they reached an unfamiliar land. They didn’t know the name of it, but on the map it looked like a boot. Al and Dente raced up and down the countryside, looking for their friend. Or at least, they would have if they had known anything at all about adventuring. They were amazing performers, but had never left their home before and didn’t know the first thing about traveling. On more than one occasion, they ended up lost in the countryside, aimlessly wandering through the citrus groves. On another, they got stuck in a city for two weeks. They kept taking different roads out, but no matter which they took, they always ended up back in Rome.

After months of searching, the pair were just about ready to give up when they came across something they hadn’t seen since they left. As they were walking down a road, munching on some bread and fruit, they came upon a Nomnisaur dressed in armor with an inflatable steed! Now, the pair had been tired and frustrated for weeks, but seeing another Nomnisaur was all they needed to be back to their happy selves. What’s more, their new friend actually knew who they were. Apparently this particular Nomnisaur had seen their show right before leaving on his own adventures. And, he actually knew exactly where Steakspeare was! The metallic master introduced himself as Meatball and offered to guide them to his home, where they could be reunited with their friend. Al and Dente quickly accepted and together they found their way back to their friend at the Nomnivore Games HQ.


As Al and Dente walked into HQ, Steakspeare rushed up to them with a stack of papers in hand. He had been writing a play about all his adventures with Meatball and all the other Nomnisaurs there. Now that his friends were there, he could finally share the tale of his own travels with the Nomnivore crew. As he told his tale, Al pulled out the lute and played along with the story. Dente grabbed a pair of forks and began twirling around the room in an interpretive dance. The troupe had been reunited at long last and for that day, three happier Nomnisaurs could not be found. They might have been a long way from their village, but they had new friends to make and new journeys to go on with their new friends. For Al and Dente, nothing else mattered. They had their friend and they were home.




This week’s Nomnisaur story was written by Lance Turturice, the social media coordinator of EMBERWIND and Nomnivore Games. Lance is the voice behind our social media presences and is also a singer with the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale.