NEWS UPDATE – Announcing the Nexus Phase 1 Beta!!


Tabletop gaming during a pandemic is tricky. In the past, we’ve travelled the world to bring EMBERWIND to our fans, but we can’t do that now that in-person conventions have been cancelled. We needed to find a way to adapt to continue to reach and support our community.

That’s how we came up with Nexus.

What is Nexus?

At the most basic level, Nexus is a digital content creation suite that will allow you to design your own content. That will include custom Foes, custom Heroes, and everything else you need to play EMBERWIND.

At a deeper level, Nexus is meant to be a hub for the community to share their enthusiasm and their original RPG creations. The goal is to collapse the social distance and make EMBERWIND feel more accessible and immediate than ever!

Of course, building a tool with that kind of scope takes time. That’s why we’ll be launching Nexus in several phases.

Phase 1 Beta

Phase 1 will run from August 17-31 and will focus on Foes. This Beta will include our new Bestiary and Foe Creator, which will streamline the creation process so you can design and share a Foe in a matter of minutes. We can’t wait to see the imaginative monsters you come up with!

We Need Your Feedback!

While we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on during lockdown, we can’t finish Nexus without your help. In order to make the platform as user-friendly as possible, we need to know how our fans are using it, and your feedback will help us make the Foe Creator more intuitive, more capable, and more robust.

We’ll be distributing a feedback form to participants near the end of the Phase 1 Beta, so don’t miss your chance to sign up! Until then, you can jump into our Discord to join the discussion!