NEWS UPDATE – Another WIP Teaser!

It’s Ardent Week!

To round off all of the Ardent releases, we’re giving a sneak preview of some of what the Ardent is capable of in the Emberwind: Microlite Custom Hero Manual.

To reiterate from last week, the This Microlite Custom Hero Manual is a book that will guide people on how to create their own custom characters. They will be usable in any of our Emberwind Campaigns or in your very own custom Emberwind games! Our beta edition will be released alongside our forums, where you will be able to provide us with feedback. Anyone who has access to any of our other digital products (such as Emberwind: The Skies of Axia PDF) will gain automatic access to this beta, so if you haven’t redeemed your coupon with the purchase of the print copy of Skies, do so now!

(Note: All images and content shown are subject to change by final release.)