NEWS UPDATE – Bestiary Updates

The Bestiary just got an upgrade!

We’ve been updating the EMBERWIND site and are pleased to announce some awesome changes to the Bestiary. All of the Foe Cards have been revised to make it easier for them to play together. We went through every Foe card and removed much of the language tying abilities to a specific Foe. For example, the Houndmaster’s Animal Handling Ability now applies to all Beast-Type Foes and the Rootbloom’s abilities have been expanded to include Plant and Carrion-Type Foes. By unlocking and expanding these abilities, we’ve made it so you can take previously unrelated Foes and work them into fun, challenging, and unique combat encounters.

We’ve also added another new set of printer-friendly Foe Cards to the Bestiary! These new cards feature the exact same Foes you know and love, but in an artless format. Now you can print an entire stack of Foes to drop into your game quickly and with less ink!

We hope that you’ll enjoy these new features of the Bestiary. We’ll be continuing to update the Emberwind website over the next couple weeks and we’re asking for your assistance. If you notice anything missing or not working properly on the site, please let us know at