NEWS UPDATE – Complete Hero Manual Beta Released and the Print-and-Play Deck of Fates Unveiled

Hello EMBERWIND players! We’re back with an exciting announcement: the complete Hero Manual beta has been released to all players in our beta group! If you have access, you can now download the latest PDF through your EMBERWIND account. If you don’t have access, you can gain access by purchasing a digital copy of The Skies of Axia

In addition to unveiling all Tier 4 content (including Class Action lists and the final stage of the Hero advancement table), this update includes the Attribute System for building Heroes, the Attribute version of the Hero Card, Tier Advancement rules, and full comprehensive combat and role-play rules (including Veteran Foe rules and the new role-play rules variant for the Deck of Fates).

We also rolled out a set of balance changes to the Tier 2 Class Action lists based on playtesting and beta feedback. A complete changelog of version updates will be posted here, in the EMBERWIND community forum, later today. The final cover for the Hero Manual will be unveiled soon!

We’re thrilled to announce that the designed version of the print-and-play Deck of Fates has also been released on the EMBERWIND game resources page. The PDF pack includes card fronts and backs for printing, instructions for cutting and assembling, and quick-play rules for using the Deck of Fates to role-play in place of dice.


We’ve also updated the Custom Hero Creator with some functionality improvements, and plan to announce a larger update for this resource soon!