NEWS UPDATE – Convention Double Feature!

The Nomnisaurs have split the party and are heading out for a double feature of conventions this weekend!

Gabu and John are leading the charge to Halifax where they’ll be setting up shop for Spring Geekquinox!

Meanwhile, Meatball and Chompsky are off on an adventure to Massachusetts where they’re getting ready for Anime Boston!

All of us here at Nomnivore Games are hoping to see you at one of the two conventions this weekend. We’ll have members of our team at both locations ready to introduce you to the world of EMBERWIND. You’ll be able to try out a demo for yourself and even head home with your very own copy of the game. If that weren’t enough, we’ve also got some other amazing EMBERWIND swag like dice, tokens, and cloth map sets as well! We may even have a few brand new items to show off as well!

Can’t make it to the convention? That’s okay, too! You can always join in on Reddit or on our Community Forums to chat with other players and our developers about all things EMBERWIND!

See you at the conventions!