NEWS UPDATE – Foe Creator Alpha is live!

We’re unveiling an awesome new tool today: the EMBERWIND Foe Creator! This new alpha-version web tool allows you to create your own custom Foes and export your creations as a PDF to print and play in your games.

Creating a new Foe is easy! Simply enter details for your Foe’s HP, Toughness, Resistance, and Type in the Foe Creator. Next, choose the Rank and Size for you Foe. Then, add in Default Characteristics and any Optional Modifiers to your Foe. Finally, create your Foe’s Basic Actions and Special Abilities and begin filling in its AI Hex Grid! The purple Hexes are where you select the default ability loadout for your Foe. If you want to create a Veteran version, too, you can add Learnable Special Abilities to your Foe and use the red Hexes for these new abilities. Once you’ve added all the details for your Foe, click the Export PDF button to create a printable file for your very own custom Foe!

Having a hard time with building a custom Foe? That’s okay! You can always visit our Bestiary to check out Foes that have already been created and get inspiration on how to create and balance your own! We hope you’ll join us in testing the EMBERWIND Foe Creator and will let us know what you think on the Community Forums or  EMBERWIND Discord!