PSA – Replacing EMBERWIND Books With Defective Binding Glue

Over the past few months, we heard a few reports of binding issues with some books from the initial print runs of the Hero Manual and The Skies of Axia: Enhanced Edition.

After putting the books through some usage tests and confirming that pages in some copies were insufficiently glued and starting to come loose shortly after being put into use, we went back to our printer for an explanation. In November of 2019 they identified that they’d used the wrong binding glue. They started an expedited reprint of both books with stronger binding glue to correct their mistake, which we received in December of 2019.

We want to make sure every player who buys an EMBERWIND product gets to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why we have been replacing any defective copies that turn up to our player base, totally free of charge, starting from December 2019 through until the end of 2020.

(Plus you can keep your original copy as well!)

If you purchased a copy of the Hero Manual or The Skies of Axia from our online store or at a convention between your copies had any pages come loose or were in any way defectively bound, send us a picture of the loose pages at along with your mailing address (if it has been updated) and we’ll send you a free replacement at our expense.

Our community has been incredible at championing EMBERWIND and helping us grow. We believe you deserve the best books possible when you set off on your adventures, and we’ll do what we have to make sure you get them.

COVID-19 Update: Note that our shipping frequency has been reduced to once every 1-2 weeks.