NEWS UPDATE – Hero Manual Updates and Deck of Fates Poll

We’ve got a few exciting updates for you today!

First, we’ve released a new update for the Hero Manual beta. Community members with beta access can find the free download on our Store page. As we move forward with the beta release of the hero manual, we hope you will consider joining the conversation on our Community Forums and let us know your thoughts and feedback on the content!

Second, we’d like to give a very early sneak preview of a new EMBERWIND module called the Deck of Fates. The Deck of Fates provides another way for players to experience EMBERWIND by allowing players to resolve encounters via cards instead of dice. Giving players this alternative mechanic for gameplay allows for an immersive roleplay experience while giving the flexibility for individual players to do away with “roll play” if they choose.

The core Deck of Fates mechanic is currently in development and will be explored in depth in a later post. Today, we’d actually like to ask for our community’s help in designing the deck. Our team has produced a set of images that each highlights a different design direction for the Deck of Fates card back art. We’ve created a post on our Forums where you can give feedback and vote on your favourite art style. You can see a sneak peek of these images at the bottom of this post.

We can’t wait to reveal more about this fun new EMBERWIND system. We hope you’ll find it as cool as we do look forward to seeing your responses on the Forums!