NEWS UPDATE – Kickstarter Success, Production Updates, and Holiday Fulfillment?! Oh My!

What a crazy, crazy month it has been!

We had no idea how the world would react to EMBERWIND, and words can’t even begin to describe how pleasantly surprised we were! We’ve been absolutely humbled by how quickly everyone blew through ALL of our social goals! Even more, the 775 Kickstarter backers helped us unlock 18 stretch goals and raise a whopping $61,525!!! 



The Core Hero Manual: We released the Beta Edition of the Core Hero Manual during the Kickstarter. We’ve also already updated it once, and we’ll be continuing to update it with new content and improvements regularly. Please leave us your thoughts on our Forums, as we’ll be looking to incorporate your feedback to refine, polish, and improve the material as much as possible as we approach the fulfillment date.

Official Updates available on the Forums!


The Songweave Tapestry: While we can’t reveal too much yet, we thought we’d share a bit of our working process with everyone while we tinker away behind the scenes. Seen below is an image that illustrates how we spend time researching and refining our designs to ensure that each piece of Axia feels unique and alive, yet believable and grounded in history. This particular style of the architecture will be featured in The Songweave Tapestry for the first time (as well as some other locations that we can’t talk about yet).

The architectural style draws inspiration from Art Deco, Ancient Egyptian filigree, and some good-old imagination.


The Other Goodies: We secretly began production already midway during the Kickstarter campaign due to how contagious the community’s energy was and we’ve already completed the bookmarks. The enamel pins will begin production sometime this week and our remaining guests will be starting on their projects too. We’ll be posting updates to our webpage, Kickstarter, and social media feeds so that you can stay updated with our ongoing manufacturing.

Look how shiny they are!


Holiday Fun: We’d also like to introduce you to our Santasaur and his trusty Nomdeer

And what’s this?! They delivered gifts to our backers already?!


That’s right! If you are backed us on Kickstarter with a pledge that included a lifetime PDF of The Skies of Axia, Santasaur has since left you a code in your Kickstarter inbox! Simply follow the steps that he provided you to claim your copy in our web store and play Emberwind now!

  • Note for “Book + 1 Campaign Set” Backers: Those of you who pledged at this tier can select between The Skies of Axia and The Songweave Tapestry for your reward. If you want Skies for your campaign reward, send us a message over Kickstarter and we’ll send you a code for the PDF right away.
  • Note for Backers with Add-ons: Those of you who pledged additional money to redeem 1 or more Campaigns can leave us a message over Kickstarter. Once we hear from you, we’ll send you a code to redeem a PDF copy of The Skies of Axia immediately.
  • Note for Backers who have Pending Pledges: Send us a message over Kickstarter when your payment has successfully completed. We’ll send you a code for The Skies of Axia PDF as soon as we hear from you.