NEWS UPDATE – Magical Mishap


A few weeks ago, our resident wizard Chompsky was feeling a bit lonely and decided it was time to summon his very own familiar. He studied the spell for days until he knew that he was prepared to finally cast it. Of course, magic is never easy and even the most experienced of wizards suffer a mishap or two.

Chompsky perfectly prepared his summoning circle, but as he finished casting the spell a feather from a passing bird dropped into the ring, releasing a billowing cloud of smoke and feathers. When the air cleared, Chompsky found a nomnisaur standing before him holding a stack of parchment and an ornate quill pen. The new nomnisaur introduced himself as a writer named Steakspeare and immediately began writing his latest masterpiece.

Chompsky was very confused at this turn of events, but decided to try his spell again. He redrew the circle, checking the sky to make sure it wouldn’t turn fowl again. What he didn’t expect, though, was for Steakspeare to crumple up a sheet of parchment and toss it behind his back and into the spell. Chompsky watched in alarm as a whirlwind of paper sprung from his spell and a nomnisaur wearing glasses and looking rather frazzled tumbled onto the ground before him. The newly summoned nomnisaur picked up the rejected parchment that caused the mishap and began making corrections to Steakspeare’s work before remembering to introduce himself as John.


Frustrated and upset about the chaos unfolding, Chompsky decided he would make one last attempt to summon a familiar. He checked the skies for stray birds and took a few steps away from John and Steakspeare for good measure. This time, Chompsky’s spell worked as planned and with a loud pop a small, flightless bird hopped on the ground in front of him. He named his new familar friend Nugget and even built a special harness so Nugget could fly with him on his adventures.

With his new familiar in tow, Chompsky invited Steakspeare and John to join him in his travels and become the newest members of the Nomnivore crew. The both happily accepted and the four new friends set out on their new adventure!




This week’s Nomnisaur story was written by Lance Turturice, the social media coordinator of EMBERWIND and Nomnivore Games. Lance is the voice behind our social media presences and is a chat contributor to EMBERWIND live streams on Twitch.