NEWS UPDATE – Meet Boots, one of the four playable heroes of The Songweave Tapestry

Hey everyone!

We’ve got something special to share with you guys today—a reveal of one of the playable Heroes in the upcoming campaign, The Songweave Tapestry.

Meet Boots, the incorrigible investigator!

*Character artwork not final.


“Anything for a good story.”


Boots is a clockmaker by training and a troublemaker by nature. She has a knack for subterfuge and getting into—and out of—all kinds of scrapes. She also harbours a grudge against the Riftkeepers’ Guild, which she holds responsible for the death of her adoptive father. As an agent for hire, Boots has performed many sensitive investigations, infiltrations, and sabotages. For her, wading into the middle of a dangerous political situation is a fun day on the job. All the better if it means ruffling a few Riftkeeper feathers.


Restless, inquisitive, and easily bored, Boots has always been obsessed with the internal workings of things. She grew up on the streets of Sparkstone until she was adopted by Thom Parso, a benevolent clockmaker who took a shine to both her inquisitive mind and appetite for trouble.

From then on, Boots’ childhood was a happy one. She was a quick study—by the time she was eight, she could take apart most timepieces in a matter of minutes, and by fourteen, she could do it blindfolded. However, she had trouble focusing on one task and her mind would wander once she’d figured out—or thought she’d figured out—how a mechanism worked.

Never content to be a mere observer, Boots often found herself getting into trouble. Thom used to say she was always sticking her neck out into the path of danger to get a better view of it barrelling toward her. When she wasn’t learning the clockmaker’s trade, she was exploring the streets of the city, learning tricks from Sparkstone’s different guilds of merchants and tanners, innkeepers and soldiers, magicians and truthbrokers.

Her curiosity has given her an eclectic, if unfocused, repertoire of skills, and more than a little ill will with the Riftkeepers, who protect their secrets carefully.

One day Boots and Thom received an ominous visit from the Grey Legion, the Riftkeepers’ dreaded squad of covert enforcers, warning her to stay away from the Riftkeepers’ guild hall. Thom promised them they’d never see Boots near headquarters again. Once they were gone, Thom took her into the back of the shop and dug an ornate clockwork crossbow out of an old chest. Inscribed on either side of the handle were the words, “If you have to fight, win.”

“I already know you’re not going to stay out of trouble,” he said, “so you may as well be prepared. This saw me through a couple close calls in my youth. It was given to me by somebody who worried as much about me as I worry about you.”

Boots swore off her investigations of the guild for about a week before she heard a new rumour and was back at it. She followed up on a lead that the Riftkeepers were pressuring the College of Inventors to hand over students whose work they deemed blasphemous, but she eventually turned up a dead end.

When she returned home, she found Thom dead and the workshop burnt down along with every clock, except for the one Thom died shielding with his body. Furious with the Riftkeepers for taking away the only father she’d ever known, and with herself for putting him in danger, she swore that one day she’d settle the score.

Hiring herself out as a mercenary investigator and instigator, she began to gather information on the Riftkeepers’ Guild. She quickly earned a reputation with Hamara Groveguard, an old innkeeper and information broker. As Boots earned her trust, she began to see that Hamara’s network of spies and mercenaries extends not just across Summit, but as far as Adriel and beyond.

One day, when she’s stockpiled enough favours, Boots plans to ask for Hamara’s help bringing the Riftkeepers’ reign over the Circle of Guilds to an end.

Default Class: Archer [Her base Hero Card is available here.]

Class Variants: Rogue, Tactician


*Content is not final and may change between now and final release.


Boots is brought to you by Peter Chiykowski and San Kim (Baimonart). Peter is the lead writer and San is the character artist for the forthcoming campaign, The Songweave Tapestry