NEWS UPDATE – Meet Cecyl, one of the four playable heroes of The Songweave Tapestry

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We’ve got something special to share with you guys today—a reveal of one of the playable Heroes in the upcoming campaign, The Songweave Tapestry.

Meet Cecyl, The Tarnished Templar!


“The scales do not balance themselves.” 


Considered a heretic by some, but a hero by others, Cecyl is an ex-clergyman of the Holy Order of the Korabyllus. The Korabyllus taught him to peer into the spirit world to gain sacred knowledge, but forbade him to act on that knowledge. After he turned away from the order, he began using his training to channel the spirits of those who died in poverty and oppression to bring justice those who still live in it. Driven by a deep duty to the living and the dead, Cecyl is a formidable bodyguard and enforcer—as long he believes he’s standing on the right side of the conflict.


When Cecyl first joined the Holy Order of the Korabyllus at the age of 12, he was a promising young clergyman. The Korabyllus consider themselves custodians of the Afterworld, the realm beyond the world of the living. In their halls, Cecyl learned to treat with the spirits of the dead—sometimes even those who have not yet lived—offering them solace, respect, and understanding in exchange for sacred wisdom about the universe as glimpsed from the beyond. Like his white-clad brothers and sisters in study, Cecyl wanted to learn how to become morally pure in his time amongst the living to earn his divine rest amongst the dead.

Driven by a devout hunger for knowledge, Cecyl rose swiftly through the ranks of the Korabyllus. But soon he began to discover hypocrisy in their midst—how their moral teachings were focused more on purifying their own souls than on sharing their wisdom with the living or granting succour to those troubled spirits of the Afterworld. The clergy seemed to care more about being good than doing good.

Cecyl’s quest for knowledge began to lead him beyond the walls of the order. He found he preferred to spend his days speaking to beggars in the town square or working to repair hovels in the slums than studying the holy texts or engaging in philosophical debate with men and women who had never needed to test the principles of morality they expounded upon. At night, he would commune with the Afterworld, asking the most regretful spirits how they could have been helped in their lifetime. He even began to ask them about their deaths—something expressly forbidden by the Korabyllus.

When Cecyl was fully inducted to the Korabyllus at age 16, he showed up to the ceremony with his white robes spattered in the mud of the streets. His colleagues nicknamed him “Browncloak,” and saw his antics as a novelty in their otherwise orderly ranks.

Then one night, Cecyl made contact with the spirit of a beggar who had been beaten to death mere steps from the doors of the Holy Order. Several clergy had heard the altercation and done nothing to intercede.

Furious, he confronted the elders about the incident. The elders defended the clergy’s non-involvement, stating that the pure should not sully themselves with the squabbles where neither party is on the side of good. Further, they admonished him for breaking the order’s rules and asking a spirit about their death.

Infuriated beyond reason, Cecyl tore the icon of the Korabyllus out of his staff, denounced the order, and expelled himself from their halls forever.

Although he had walked out on his brothers and sister, Cecyl never turned away from his duty to bring succour to the dead—nor the living. He uses his training to channel the spirits of the restless dead to bring relief to the poor, sick, and oppressed. Some spirits ally with him to help those who suffer as they once did. Others do so to atone for the suffering they caused in life.

Now Cecyl works as a free agent, working sometimes for justice and sometimes for the coin to travel and further his mission. Hamara is one of his most frequent clients. He’s not sure if she’s a good woman, or she only hires him for the missions he morally agrees with, but either way, he’s always found a reason to come when she calls.

Default Class: Spiritualist

Classe Variants: Druid, Ardent

*Content is not final and may change between now and final release.

Cecyl is brought to you by Peter Chiykowski and San Kim (Baimonart). Peter is the lead writer and San is the character artist for the forthcoming campaign, The Songweave Tapestry