NEWS UPDATE – Meet Kara, one of the four playable heroes of The Songweave Tapestry

Hey everyone!

We’ve got something special to share with you guys today—a reveal of another of the playable Heroes in the upcoming campaign, The Songweave Tapestry.

Meet Kara, the Torchbearer!



There are no lost causes.”


As a traveller of the world, Kara knows that it’s the tradewinds of Axia that truly hold its shattered lands together. Friendly, well-spoken, and a natural observer of human behaviour, she has haggled with every kind of shopkeeper and learned to appreciate the story behind each object she buys. A perpetual optimist despite growing up orphaned and the sole survivor of a plague ship quarantine, she always looks for light whenever she finds herself in darkness.


Kara’s family died in the hold of a plague ship when she was five. As the sole survivor, Kara has taken nothing in life for granted in the thirty years since. Though she hides it well, she’s still haunted by those weeks spent amongst the dead and dying, but she hides the trauma behind a broad smile, bottomless optimism, and a gregarious personality.

Much of that is thanks to Quintus Grant, the harbourmaster of Soothill—Summit’s largest lowland port. When the scuttled plagueship floated into harbour, Quintus demanded the ship be searched before being put to torch. He went up the gangplank alone when his men refused to join him, and found Kara cowering in a corner with a lump of a black stone clutched in her small white-knuckled fist. After a month of quarantine, he brought her into his home and raised her as his own.

Growing up in the harbour opened Kara’s eyes to the wonders of the wider world, and Quintus encouraged her curiosity. Under his tutelage, she learned how to guess a ship’s route based only on the cargo in its hold, and to see the threads of commerce that tie together farmers on the slopes of Summit to brewers in the Thell Mountains to spice merchants in the Red Market. She also learned how to spot counterfeit goods, and soon developed a keen eye for fakes and forgery.

“Learn where something comes from, and you’ll know where it’s going,” as Quintus used to say.

Meanwhile, the activity in the port kept her from dwelling on her past. Being alone reminded Kara of her days in the ship, so she sought out the company of others, sometimes even when she wasn’t invited. By the time she was eighteen, she had broken bread with travellers from every corner of Axia, and begun working with Quintus to catch smugglers based purely on paperwork discrepancies.

The more she caught, the more word of her talent began to spread. The College of Inventors asked her to examine some artifacts of unknown provenance, and she identified several fakes amongst the relics in the old collection.

When she came back down the mountain, Quintus had already packed her things. Her discovery had embarrassed someone in power. For her own safety, Kara would need to leave immediately.

Heartbroken, but trusting Quintus, she went out to see the world she had only glimpsed through crates and barrels in the holds of ships.

She became an incurable wanderer, using her skill at trade and appraisal to buy passage from island to island across the skies of Axia. She visited the fields where the finest vintners grew their grapes and touched the soil where farmers harvested their hops. She saw the workshops where weavers spun gold threads as fine as hair and jewellers cut gems as big as bread loaves.

She would return from time to time to visit Quintus in Soothill, never sending word or staying for long in case it drew attention. It was on one of these visits she met with Hamara Groveguard, an innkeeper and information broker from Summit, who said she could ensure that Kara could write home and visit as much as she wanted if Kara agreed to handle some artifact appraisals and purchases for her.

Kara took the job, and has since become one of Hamara’s most trusted agents.

Class: Invoker
Downloadable Content Classes: Archer, Ardent

*Content is not final and may change between now and final release.