MEET THE CREW – Spencer Hayden, Web Developer

“Almost Heaven”. That’s how John Denver described West Virginia. If you asked him, I’d wager to guess that Spencer Hayden would agree with that assessment. As he describes himself, Spencer both embraces and subverts his stereotypes as a barefoot, hillbilly web developer from a small Mountain State town.

Spencer’s love of computers began at age 12 when his family purchased their first computer. He remembers when AOL was a big deal and the family would have to fight over who got rights to the phone line. His love of computers turned into healthy obsession, which led him to form his own IT business, Conducive Data, where music is always playing, shoes are discouraged, and perpetual curiosity is not just expected, but required. He now serves the needs of small businesses near and far from his cozy home office in the hills.

Spencer is responsible for creating and managing for Nomnivore Games’ online content. Our website, store, and forums? He’s the guy behind it all. If it’s being created for our website, it has to get the Spencer Hayden seal of approval (and as someone who perpetually forgets to format his image uploads, I can vouch that nothing misses his eye.)

When he’s not implementing devious digital displays and content, Spencer is likely to be found working on his other passion: cars. He does his own auto work in his garage and proudly chooses only to drive a stick-shift. His absolute favorite to ride is his Mazda Miata. On a clear day when the temperature is just right, you can be sure that he’s driving through the mountains with the top down.

We’re so glad that Spencer is a part of our team. The Nomnisaurs love him, we think he’s awesome, and we’re all excited to see what he produces next.