NEWS UPDATE – Meet Tyrella, one of the four playable heroes of The Songweave Tapestry

Hey everyone!

We’ve got something special to share with you guys today—a reveal of another of the playable Heroes in the upcoming campaign, The Songweave Tapestry.

Meet Tyrella, the Party Animal!



“One more drink!”


Tyrella is a hammer-for-hire and a veteran of countless bar fights and mercenary camps. After running away from her family—the wealthy and power-hungry House Machia—she began living a life of ale, adventure, and (relative) anonymity. Although most of her employers see her as a blunt instrument, she has an uncanny ability to drink her way into the good graces of the right people.


Tyrella is the firstborn daughter of the Machia, one of the oldest and most powerful members of Adriel’s Council of Nobles. From a young age, Tyrella never felt like she belonged. She had no interest in her mother’s ruthless machinations, preferring to spend her time sneaking combat lessons in the marshalling yard instead of studying etiquette and politics. She quickly became a skilled warrior, and also displayed a natural aptitude for cursing, drinking, and dicing. She became fast friends with Rojer, the son of one of the guardsman, knowing full well her mother would never approve.

Many of her decisions were fueled by rebellion. Tyrella resented her easy life on the Machia estate. Her family always hired other people to handle the dirty work, whether that meant laundry or assassination. She liked to do things herself, and never planned to pick a fight she couldn’t finish.

Tyrella’s family tolerated her behaviour until Rojer accidentally knocked out one of her teeth with a wooden sparring sword. That’s when Paendra Machia, the family matriarch, decided it was time for Tyrella to take more of an interest in the family. She told Tyrella she was sending the boy away, and that she wouldn’t tolerate any more distractions.

Tyrella turned to the Deathbrokers’ Guild—an independent clan of assassins frequently employed by her family—to continue her training in secret. They owed the Machias no special loyalty, seeing their targets as their clients, to whom they have promised a swift and certain death. The person who pays for the hit is merely a sponsor.

She spent a year honing her skills and learning to fight with discipline. She felt more kinship with her fellow students than her family, which only made it easier to hide her double life.

Then, on a drunken 16-year-old dare, she broke into the Deathbrokers’ records room to look up her family’s list of hits. When she saw Rojer and his family on the list, she felt something break inside her. Her mother had lied to her, and the Deathbrokers had hidden the truth. She felt abandoned, and was on an airship out of Adriel before she had time to sober up.

Once she left, Tyrella began making her living breaking bones and cracking skulls. She lives with a weapon in one hand and a mug of ale in the other. A lover of fine (or at least plentiful) drink, beautiful men, and a good brawl, she sees life as one long night of revelry best enjoyed without concern for consequences. She makes both friends and enemies with equal ease, but is loyal to any companion willing to share a glass and stick their neck out for her.

Class: Warrior
Downloadable Content Classes: Rogue, Tactician

*Content is not final and may change between now and final release.