NEWS UPDATE – Metal Dice Sets and Cloth Map Sets

As lifetime gamers and collectors of awesome tabletop gaming gear, we’re over-the-moon to unveil the latest two additions to the EMBERWIND Store: a new set of plated metal polyhedral dice and a set of cloth maps for the battles in EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia!

First up, let’s get a look at those dice!

The set of six polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) are plated in zinc alloy with a black finish and the numbers detailed in Nomnivore blue. We tried them out at CGX in Ottawa last weekend and they felt fantastic. They come in a cloth bag printed with the EMBERWIND logo in gold metallic foil. You can see more photos on the product page.

Next we’ve got the cloth maps!

This set of four maps is printed on a lightweight, durable cloth that can survive spills, folding and rolling up. It comes with the detailed battlefield artwork for the Combat Encounters for EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia and is designed to be compatible with our token set, but its standard square-gridded map surface can be used for many different campaigns and game systems. You can see more pictures here!

We’ll be giving out free map sets to the winner and runner-ups of the “Name that Nomnisaur!” contest and Origins Game Fair Instagram contest!

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