NEWS UPDATE – New Foes and Saskexpo Update

Hey everyone!

Our team has been hard at work over the past weeks and we’re finally able to reveal the fruits of our labour. We have FOUR new Foes the face off against in your campaigns! Join us as we take a look at each of them.


The Scythillid is one of two new Elite Rank Foe to join our roster. This monstrous creature boasts a high health pool, but curiously low Barrier Values. Don’t assume that facing off against the dreadful creature will be easy, though. The Scythillid is likely to try and Devour Heroes, healing itself and raising its Barrier Values thanks to its Gluttony Characteristic. If it can raise its Barrier Values high enough, the Scythillid will eventually become Impervious, making it immune to having its Actions Cancelled. Strike hard and fast to defeat this first Ebonspawn-Type Foe. Just try not to get Devoured in the process.



The Thresherbeast is the second Elite Rank Foe to be joining the Bestiary. This Beast-Type Foe seeks out Heroes with the highest HP and can hit multiple Heroes at once with its Wide Attacks. The Thresherbeast is a truly formidable Foe, as its Thick Hide Negates all Damage and Effects from non-Penetrating Actions and Damage. Heroes may not want to rely on Conditions too heavily as part of their strategy against this massive beast, as it can use Shake It Off to remove all stacks of a single Condition while simultaneously boosting its Barrier Values!



The Spinecrawler is our newest Awakened-Rank Foe. This Rift-Type Foe is unaffected by Concentrated Miasma effects thanks to its Natural Environment Characteristic. The Spinecrawler can punish Heroes by inflicting them with FRAGILITY and VULNERABILITY or even POISON them with it’s Special Ability Nightwave, which Targets all Heroes in an ever-expanding radius. Can your party survive these fearsome new Foes, or will you be overwhelmed by their poisonous onslaught?


Sunwing Roc

The Sunwing Roc joins the Bestiary as our newest Grunt Rank Foe. This Unpredictable Beast-Type Foe can quickly set your party ablaze with its Fireblood Characteristic. If that weren’t enough, the Sunwing Roc can push Heroes Away with its Wingbeat Ability or even sight Heroes alight from extreme range with its Flamestrike Ability. For an extra challenge, players can choose to use this majestic Foe’s Phoenix characteristic, which causes it to heal from any BURNING damage taken!

Saskexpo Update

In addition to the new Foes, we do need to share that due to unforeseen circumstances, we will unfortunately not be attending Saskexpo next weekend.  We deeply apologize to our community members and any attendees who were coming to the show to see EMBERWIND and meet our team. Our team strives to bring EMBERWIND to as many shows as possible and we only consider cancelling appearances when all other options have been ruled out. Again, we offer our sincerest apologies to our community and look forward to attending Saskexpo in the future.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have plenty more content to release and share with you all. Exciting things are coming, and our team can’t wait to share new content with you. From all of us on the Nomnivore Games Crew, we’d like, as always, to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has joined our community and supported EMBERWIND. Truly, none of this would be possible without you.

-The Nomnivore Games Crew