NEWS UPDATE – New Store Surprises!

Last week, we announced limited-edition playmats coming to the EMBERWIND store. Today, we’re excited to announce a surprise new addition to the lineup! The Archer playmat is here!

Like the Atlanta and Invoker mats, the Archer playmat features a high-quality woven surface and dye sublimation printing for bright, vibrant graphics will last. Each playmat features beautiful EMBERWIND artwork and a backing material of tournament-standard rubber. The light, yet super-durable playmats come in 12″x18″ dimensions and are 1/16th” in thickness. And just like the other mats, we are releasing this as a limited-edition run of 50 mats!

We’ve got another amazing addition to the store today, as well! All 9 EMBERWIND class pins are available, too! These 1.5″ gold enamel pins are pressed with the emblems of each of the nine EMBERWIND Hero Classes. Now you can show your colours with pins from the Commander Classes (Atlanta, Spiritualist, Tactician), Harbinger Classes (Invoker, Ardent, Druid) or Soldier Classes (Rogue, Archer, Warrior). Stop by the webstore to pick yours up today! (And hey, backers, you can save on pins if you add them to your order in BackerKit.)



This awesome new EMBERWIND accessories would not have been possible without our Kickstarter backers. The amazing support you have shown us has allowed us to go above and beyond the initial scope of our campaign and share these amazing items with a larger audience. From each and everyone one of us at Nomnivore Games, thank you for supporting EMBERWIND and becoming a member of our community!