NEWS UPDATE – The Bestiary is Unleashed!

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of The Bestiary, a new lore page on the EMBERWIND site! Until now, we’ve been releasing free Foe updates as they are available, but have not had an easy way for you to search for them. With the opening of the Bestiary, all of our Foes now have a central database where you can access their Foe Cards and even sort them by type or rank! New foes will be added here as they are revealed, so you’ll be able to add even more diverse encounters to your own games!

The Bestiary will reside alongside the Archive and Vignette pages as an ever-expanding source of EMBERWIND lore. We plan to continually add content to all three pages, which will all be accessible for free! Check back from time to time to see what new lore we’ve come up with!



While we’ve got you here, we’d also like to let you know about an EMBERWIND Discord server! This fan-run server was started by some of our amazing community members and is a great resource for connecting with other members of the EMBERWIND community!