NEWS UPDATE: The Dyson Sale Is Ending Soon

It’s been a big month for Dyson: the goodest dog, Nomnivore’s canine mascot, and the constant companion of our founder, Derek Chung.

Dyson has spent the past three months receiving treatments for heartworm, and the Nomnivore team has been watching his progress carefully. A couple of weeks ago we had a bad scare with Dyson’s heart rate spiking suddenly and him showing signs of possible heart failure. We rushed him to the vet for an emergency visit, and they were able to sort him out and assure us it was an anomaly unrelated to his treatment and not something they expect to recur.

Other than that one frightening incident, his treatment has continued to go well. We’re happy to report that he has received the last of his two treatment injections and the way forward looks good, although Dyson will require constant monitoring over the next couple of months.


We will be closing the Dyson sale at the end of the month, so now is your last chance to get 20% off all products in the EMBERWIND store. We still have some bills to pay for Dyson, so any additional support is deeply appreciated.

We also wanted to thank the EMBERWIND community for sending messages of support and helping out during the sale in support of Dyson’s treatment! We’re touched by your love and concern! We also want to assure you that we still plan to release some special Dyson DLC, hopefully by the end of September.

Thanks for all your kindness and support!