CONTEST – Ninjasaur? Roguesaurus? Help!

Hey everyone,

So, you’ve met some of the adorable nomnisaurus tribe over the past few weeks, and they’ve started going on adventures, online and off. It looks like a new member is joining the party, but they’re a real secretive sort, and won’t tell us what their name is! Something about operational security, cover story, extradition, yadda yadda yadda.

So, we need your help! If they won’t tell us their name, we’ll just have to assign them a code name! Please send your suggestions to!

Submit* your best ideas – as many as you like! – for the deadly rogue nomnisaur. If we choose your name, we’ll send you a digital copy of SKIES OF AXIA (or a related digital product, if you already have Skies) and make a post crediting your brilliance.

The contest will be open until we find the right name for this adorably awesome predator.

*By submitting suggestions to this contest, you allow Nomnivore Games and Emberwind the right to use this name in any form they find necessary, without further expectation of royalties or credit. NOM reserves the right to choose a name as they see fit.