EMBERWIND DLC Roundup Vol. 5 (November-December 2018)

A monthly collection of lore and foe cards for EMBERWIND collected into an easily accessible publication. Contents include:

  • Gravehide Warbeast – Jaylene has hunted many things during her career. But if she’s not careful, the metal-eating monster known as the Gravehide Warbeast might herald her last hunt.
  • Hydrosnail – In honor of Ryan Green (@hydrosnail) co-host of the Loremasters Show on Geek & Sundry, a poem about the most fearsome foe of all—the Hydrosnail!
  • Whispers of the Forgotten – Deep in the treasure vault of a captured keep, there is more danger in the darkness than the treachery of underlings or the weight of command…and it comes wreathed in bright blue light.
  • The Hunt – Baronet Aerden wished to hunt in the mournful, abandoned Silverglades. But she forgot that the creatures in the Silverglades are hunters, too.