EMBERWIND DLC Roundup Vol. 7 (May-July 2019)

A monthly collection of lore and foe cards for EMBERWIND collected into an easily accessible publication. Contents include:

  • Kindred Spirits – Cecyl, a former priest of the order of Korabyllus, spends his days helping the poor and downtrodden on Summit – nourishing his soul, but not his body. When the mysterious Hamara approaches him with a offer, Cecyl is faced with a choice unlike anything he has ever encountered before.
  • Tooth and Claw – Tyrella knows what she should do to stay in the good graces of her mother, the scheming, domineering Lady Machia, during her debut at the Starlight Gala. But for her, knowing and doing have been something she has struggled with all her life… and tonight will be no different.
  • Ship of Death, Ship of Life – Kara and her family have left their war-torn homeland on a crowded airship. But when Kara makes a new friend her own age, is she a fellow refugee…or the passengers’ doom?
  • Smoke and Blood – Boots was content to spend her days flitting around Summit and getting under the skin of the Riftkeepers… until she got too close one day, and the Riftkeepers sent a deadly warning to her. Now she’s out for revenge, but how to get it. Enter Hamara, who can help Boots achieve her goal, if she’s willing to undertake a task or two for the information broker in exchange…
  • The Ichorspine – The early days of the Riftkeepers’ experimentation with the strange dimension their name derives from often involved plenty of trial-and-error…not to mention the inadvertent sacrifice of an acolyte or two…