Hero Manual (Scrapbook + Digital PDF)

From: $29.95 USD

Due to an issue with the binding glue on a limited run of books, we have a limited number of SCRAPBOOK EDITION Hero Manuals. We’ve had a few reports of pages coming loose from these copies, and decided to make the scrapbook copies available to get new players interested in the game.

The Hero Manual contains everything you need to create an epic Hero in one of EMBERWIND’s nine Hero Classes and get your game started.

Limited availability. Includes lifetime access to the PDF version.

Until August 31, we are offering localized, customs-friendly shipping within the UK (and EU), as well as the US and Canada.

Bundle Includes:

Hero Manual (Scrapbook)

Hero Manual (Digital PDF)

Polyhedral Metal Dice Set (6 Pieces) – optional

This version of the Hero Manual was from a print run in which the factory used a weaker binding glue, and some users have reported pages falling out. Rather than throw these copies out, we’ve decided to make them available at a steep discount for players looking for an inexpensive physical copy, or a copy with removable sections they can pass around to players. Other than the binding glue, it is identical to the reprint version of the Hero Manual.

The EMBERWIND Hero Manual gives players everything they need to create fully customized Heroes using the EMBERWIND RPG’s nine main Classes and drop them into new challenges to hone their abilities and test their mettle.

  • Printed gamebook AND lifetime PDF access
  • Intuitive, modular rules for RPG players of all experience levels
  • Epic Heroes you can fully create and customize in 5-30 minutes
  • Cooperative tactical combat
  • Jaw-dropping art
  • Uncharted adventure in worlds of epic fantasy
  • 120 pages, 11″x8.5″

28 cm x 21.5 cm x 1 cm

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