Ruleset Creator – The RISE Engine

The RISE Engine is a powerful, modular tabletop RPG system that can scale to fit what each player in your group wants from their role-playing experience. It’s easy to learn, and you can assemble a cross-compatible ruleset for your party—or each individual player—in less than a minute.

Use the RISE Engine Ruleset Creator below to create a filtered list of the free, downloadable rule PDFs you’ll need to play EMBERWIND your way. Pick one option from each category below and your custom ruleset will assemble itself under “Downloads” at the bottom of the page. You can also see a full list of rule PDFs on the Resources page.


Hero Creation

Choose One
Pregenerated Heroes
Play with one of our original EMBERWIND Heroes, who come with a prewritten backstory, statistics and abilities.
Custom Heroes – Aspects
Build your Hero the simple way: by choosing keywords to describe your Hero and specialize their combat role.

Requires the EMBERWIND: Hero Manual.
Custom Heroes – Attributes
Build your Hero the traditional RPG way: by rolling dice or choosing preset arrays to determine their Attributes, which govern their Skills, statistics and more.

Requires the EMBERWIND: Hero Manual.

Role-playing System

Choose One
Players may ignore the element of chance and role-play freeform by having the Heroes achieve whatever the players decide they do.
Checks – Dice-Rolling
Use a traditional dice-rolling method to determine if your Heroes’ Checks succeed.
Checks – The Deck of Fates
This system uses a printable PDF deck of “Success” and “Failure” cards to determine if Heroes’ Checks succeed.

Requires a Storyteller.

Combat System: Hero Control

Standard Hero Rules
Choose your actions, select targets, and roll the dice to determine what happens.

Combat System: Foe Control

Choose At Least One
Standard AI Hex Grid
Roll dice to determine which Action Chains each Foe uses on their Turn.
Veteran Foes/Learning A.I.
Use Learning AI to unlock new Foe Actions and build alternate Action Chains on their AI Hex Grids.

Requires a Storyteller.
Storyteller Controlled
Take manual control of Foes in combat, unlocking and unleashing all of their abilities.

Requires a Storyteller.


Based on the systems and preferences you selected above, these are the rule modules you’ll need to play EMBERWIND.

You can also see a full list of official EMBERWIND modules on the Resources page. For an up-to-date list of how specific Actions combine, see our Action Interaction FAQ.

Combat Rules
Combat Rules: Hero Turn (Quick Reference)