SALE – $10 Off!!!

We think our books belong in the hands of our players. That’s why we’re launching a sale that will make the EMBERWIND: Hero Manual more affordable than its ever been before!

So what’s the deal? We’re now offering a $10 discount on the Scrapbook Edition of our Hero Manual, which is now available for only $19.95. We’re also offering a limited-time bundle that includes both the Scrapbook Edition and a Lifetime PDF for $29.95!

As we’ve previously announced, the Scrapbook Edition had some binding issues that caused pages to fall out over time. We’ve fixed those issues in subsequent Editions of the Hero Manual, but we’d still prefer to see the original Scrapbook Edition on your shelves rather than in boxes in our warehouse, which is why we’re offering them at such a steep discount. This is the best price you’re ever likely to see if you want to get your hands on a physical copy of our book.

If you’re worried about a few loose pages, the Lifetime PDF will ensure that you still have access to the entire Hero Manual even if your paper copy does get lost or destroyed. You’ll also receive automatic access to all future updates, so you’ll always be playing with the latest version of the Manual as we continue to make improvements in the months to come.

This limited-time deal will run until August 31, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of the last few copies of the Scrapbook Edition of the EMBERWIND: Hero Manual!