SNEAK PEEK – Microlite Hero Creator: The Warrior

We’re bringing you another Microlite Sneak Peek! Charge into battle this week with the Warrior!

The Microlite Custom Hero Manual is a book that will guide players on how to create their own custom characters. They’ll be usable in any of our Emberwind campaigns or in your very own custom Emberwind games! The Beta edition of the manual will be released on our website, with our new forums supporting discussion of the beta and everything Emberwind! Anyone who has access to our digital products (such as Emberwind: Skies of Axia PDF) will gain automatic access to the beta, so if you haven’t redeemed your coupon with the purchase of the print copy of Skies, do so now!

We hope that you enjoy these teasers and that you will join the Beta for the Microlite Hero Generator. If you’re interested in learning more about Emberwind you can check out our lore updates which we regularly publish on our website. You can also join in the conversation with other players and our team on Reddit and our Community Forums!