There’s nothing like the rush of seeing the first iteration of a new project in peoples’ hands for the first time. It’s this sense of Hey, I made that, and I am really proud of it, and now I get to share it with you that never gets old. At Nomnivore, the whole team has gotten to experience this in the last couple of months.

Our first release was Skies of Axia, which runs on the Microlite system, and is intended to introduce people to EMBERWIND. The book is now available in our online store, and will be available at many conventions this year, including Gen Con! (If you want to learn more about Skies of Axia, you can visit our webstore HERE.) We will soon be releasing the Microlite Custom Hero Generator and the core EMBERWIND ruleset.

As we get the rest of 2018’s products released, we’ll also be building up our social media accounts, our website, and our convention presence. Stay tuned later this week for information on what conventions we’ll be at this year!

In the meantime, we’ll be introducing you to our team, talking about upcoming projects, and asking for your feedback about what we do next. We’ll be bringing you updates from conventions, sharing updates from the adorable Nomnisaurus, and building a community we hope you’ll all enjoy.

So thank you for taking the time to check out our products and get to know a little about us. Stay tuned for more announcements and posts in the next few weeks!