NEWS UPDATE – Welcome to The Archive

Welcome, traveler, to The Archive. We are glad you have chosen to join us. Here you can find histories previously unknown, stories yet unlived, missives and legends beyond imagination. Enter these halls with a spirit of exploration, of discovery, and you shall leave with the greatest treasure one could imagine. If you seek some certain knowledge, a secret most dire or knowledge most rare, petition the Chronologue, they who listen to the voices of the universe. Petition them humbly, for they hear a million voices, and each clamouring for new wonders, new delights, new challenges.

Welcome to The Archive. We’ve been waiting for you.

We are pleased to announce the opening The Archive, a new weekly EMBERWIND feature. The Archive will offer lore fragments and short stories by our writing team. You can read the first piece, an introduction to The Archive and the Chronologue, right now. The next set of posts will focus on Axia, both in the timeline of the Skies of Axia campaign and in the centuries that came before, but The Archive offers windows onto many worlds and there are many more stories to come. If there’s an area of the world or a character you’d like to learn more about, let us know on Facebook or send us a message at