NEWS UPDATE – What Ho, Origins! (Plus, Ninja-Naming!)

What’s this, new nomnisaurs? It might just be! The herd will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, June 13-17. They’ve picked up a few new members, so keep your eyes peeled for introductions!

Speaking of nomnisaurs, we’ve settled on a name for the dashing rogue who snuck into our offices a few weeks ago. Gabu joins the nomnisaurs as the sneakiest of them all. Don’t leave your soda unattended, or you’ll never see it again!

Honorable mentions go to “Stikki,” “Myst,” and “Frank.” 

As previously announced the winner and runners up will receive swag, and eternal commemoration in the nomnisaur halls of fame. If you submitted a name but weren’t one of the finalists, you still get a 10% discount code to thank you for playing. We’ll be contacting everyone in the next week to arrange the prizes, but if you submitted one of the names above and haven’t heard from us, just drop us an email at