Skies of Axia

Take to the skies on a life-or-death mission to save Gelspar, the dangling slum district of the great airship city of Adriel. Deadly foes and hidden threats lie in wait around every corner, and it will take every bit of skill and knowledge your Heroes possess to uncover the secret of the hearth crystals and return before Gelspar falls from the sky—forever.

Set in a shattered world of floating cities and soaring airships, EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia is a standalone adventure game book for 3 to 4 players (plus an optional Storyteller). It can be played without any previous knowledge of EMBERWIND.



Laureat is Adriel’s foremost scholar of hearth crystals. Once a bright young student with a promising career, she is haunted by a deadly accident that destroyed her reputation ten years ago. She has since channeled her grief into a relentless pursuit of knowledge, attacking her research with a single-minded focus that has further distanced her from the rest of the scientific community.

Laureat has a profound faith in scientific inquiry, and is willing to do almost anything to gain access to the resources—and secrets—that have been denied her.


Rook is a former soldier with a deep sense of duty to the people of Adriel. Born and raised in the slums of Gelspar, he is especially loyal to the lower castes, whose concerns are often overlooked by the nobility.

A skilled fighter, Rook has vowed to do everything in his power to protect the city he calls home.


Piper is the granddaughter of the Merchant Baron, Kendrick Maddox, and the sole heir to his trading empire. However, she is ill-prepared for his political plots.

Raised as a common merchant, Piper is now being groomed for a position of considerable influence, and the responsibility is overwhelming. She is no longer sure of who she is or who she wants to be, but she’ll have to figure it out quickly if she’s going to take the lead.


Rath has always been a man of many trades. Some know him as an information broker. Others know him as a smuggler. Those closest to him know him as a treasure hunter constantly searching for his next great adventure.

Happiest when sailing amongst the scattered lands of Axia, he plans to see everything this world has to offer, and dreams of one day having the means to explore the skies (and probe their mysteries) at his leisure.


Story and Setting


Axia is a vast, immersive world, full of competing factions, political intrigue, and unsolved mysteries. Shattered into fragments by a great Calamity hundreds of years ago, Axia is composed of several floating continents suspended in the miasma, a toxic gas that transforms living creatures exposed to it.

Hearth crystals, made up of matrices of hundreds of smaller crystal shards, provide protection against the miasma, and keep Axia’s landmasses, cities and airships afloat. When a major hearth crystal fails, entire populations may be lost forever.


Adriel is a thriving sky metropolis of conjoined airships built by survivors of the great Calamity. Although it once stood as a beacon of hope and innovation, the city has since divided into sharply divided social classes and districts with growing hostility between them.

The Council of Nobles governs the city and the sale of hearth crystals, but the rising Merchant Clans have been gathering wealth and influence. As their power struggles shake the upper reaches of Axia, the slum of Gelspar that hangs below the city is poised to fall into ruin and disappear into the bottomless miasma below.

The Mission

The Merchant Baron Kendrick Maddox has disrupted the balance of power in Adriel by promising to deliver a new hearth crystal to keep Gelspar afloat and protect it from the encroaching miasma. As tensions grow between the merchants and nobility, Maddox seems set on piercing the veil of secrecy shrouding the origin of the hearth crystals, and clawing his way into power among the nobles.

You play the Heroes that Kendrick Maddox has hired to track down a new hearth crystal and deliver it before the Gelspar Crystal fails and the slum falls with it.

Gather Your Crew

Skies of Axia comes ready to play for 3 to 4 players. EMBERWIND games are based on the RISE System, an easy-to-learn role-playing and combat engine where players tell an interactive story together. The game guides players through immersive story crossroads and riveting combats in a format that combines the best of tactical games and chooseable-path adventures.

  • 3-4 players (+1 optional Storyteller)
  • Dozens of narrative choices and 5 endings
  • 4-10 hours of gameplay per playthrough
  • No RPG experience necessary
  • 128 pages, 11″ x 8.5″